Bevelhymer Fields
Bevelhymer Park
Opened in 2001, Bevelhymer Park is the hub of the park district’s activities.  The park district office and the equipment facility are located at the 145-acre grounds along with 32 fields for baseball, softball, soccer, football, and lacrosse.  The complex also offers residents two tennis courts, a paved walking trail, concession stands, restroom facilities, and playgrounds.
Bevelhymer Park is divided into color zones and each entrance has an address.  Please see the bottom of this page for the color zone map and the address for that zone.  (NOTE - Field Diagram for Spring 2018 will be updated in late February).

  • Yellow Zone -7950 Bevelhymer Road, Westerville, OH 43081
  • Green Zone -7860 Bevelhymer Road, New Albany, OH 43054
  • Purple Zone -7500 Walnut Street, New Albany, OH 43054
  • Red Zone -7875 Peter Hoover Road, New Albany, OH 43054
  • Orange Zone -7997 Peter Hoover Road, New Albany, OH 43054
  • Blue Zone - 7860 Bevelhymer Road, New Albany, OH 43054
** Please note:  Pets are never permitted at NA Parks pavilions or parks.

Bevelhymer Fields
- AED's: The Orange Zone concessions closet houses an AED. If there is an incident at the field, this closet is always unlocked. The unit hangs on the wall opposite the entry. 
- Thorguard Lightning Prediction System: At Bevelhymer Park, we have a lightning prediction system which measures the conditions likely to produce a strike within a 2.5 mile radius. If you are at the fields and the system senses a strike, you will hear one long horn blast and the yellow strobe light on the parks office building will activate. The office is in the center of the park, in the southwest direction from the soccer fields. When the systems clears, you will hear three short horns and the strobe will deactivate. During practice, this means you are clear to return to the fields. During a game, we are still bound by referee discretion. This system is meant to be a helpful tool, but we still encourage coaches to use their best judgement in the event the system may malfunction and there is obvious lightning in the area, to keep the fields clear.