Youth Info

Who is Eligible
The New Albany Youth Soccer League (NAYSL) accommodates recreational players ages 4 through 6th grade. The NAYSL does not guarantee coach and/or player placement requests.

The NAYSL is a non-profit group led by parent volunteers in the community. There is a strong need for increased involvement at all levels, including board members, division coordinators and coaches. Without the help from parents, the experience for players and parents alike will suffer. Parents are able to sign up as coaches during registration, but if you would like to be involved at the board or coordinator level, please contact any of the current board members or parks office.

Game Locations
Games will occur at the Bevelhymer Orange complex for a majority of games.  Starting in the 3rd/4th grade division, travel may be possible due to the league size; the league may schedule games with other community programs in order to round out the number of games played during the season.

How to Register
Online Registration: January 1st - February 26th.
After February 26th, all registrations will be waitlisted and charged a $25 late fee. 
Add $50 for participants that live outside the New Albany-Plain Local School District.
Families who register three or more children will only be charged for the two oldest children. 

Division Days Of Play Fees (By 2/26) Fees (After 2/26) Jersey Fee*
Pre-K Girls (must be 4 by April. 1st) Wed. and Sat. $70 $95 Included
K Girls Thurs. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
1st/2nd Grade Girls Tues. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
3rd/4th Grade Girls Tues. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
5th/6th Grade Girls Wed. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
Pre-K Boys (must be 4 by April 1st) Thurs. and Sat. $70 $95 Included
K Boys Thurs. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
1st/2nd Grade Boys Mon. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
3rd/4th Grade Boys Wed. and Sat. $90 $115 $25
5th/6th Grade Boys Mon. and Sat. $90 $115 $25

**PK Teams may have 3-4 weeknight commitments during the season (Girls on Wednesdays, Boys on Thursdays)

- Soccer cleats (no metal) or tennis shoes. Cleats are preferred for kindergarten and up.
- Shin guards and athletic tube socks are required.
- Please bring water bottles and a soccer ball for practices if your child has one.
- All jewelry, watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, barrettes, and any other item the referee deems improper must be removed. This is done to avoid injury to the player themselves and other players.